Do you have a customer who wants your equipment but has no financing source?

Let Exponential Commercial Finance help you drive more business by providing your customers with financing solutions.

Exponential Commercial Finance realizes that many equipment vendors have the same dilemma and we now have an answer: Our Vendor Advantage Program.

Here at Exponential, we offer equipment lease programs to fit all your customers’ needs. We work with all types of businesses including medical, manufacturing, retail, construction, hotel, churches and more. We understand how important it is to get your clients approved and funded quickly. When partnering with us you help your customer get the financing they need, and you get rewarded for it.

That’s right. You get 2% of the total sale when the deal funds.

Why choose Exponential Commercial Finance for your lending partner?

Your customers are looking for a one-stop purchasing solution. By partnering with us, the equipment purchase process is simplified with funding going direct to you. Once the vendor program is established, your customers have the ability to secure same-day funding and receive the equipment from you immediately. Additional benefits include:

  • Simple one-page applications for your customers to apply for financing
  • One of the industry’s widest credit windows – this means more sales potential for you
  • Under 4 hour turnaround on credit applications
  • 100% purchase financing
  • Flexible payment options and terms
  • No down payment requirements for your customers
  • Eligibility for all new and used equipment purchases
  • Next day funding
  • No monthly minimum funding quota

It’s easy. Here’s how you get started.

  • Contact an Equipment Lease Manager from Exponential Commercial Finance to enroll.
  • Refer your customers to Exponential Commercial Finance for equipment financing and get 2% of the total sale when then deal funds.
  • It’s that simple. Contact our team to join our Vendor Advantage Program today.
Note: Exponential Commercial Finance offers financing programs for businesses, and therefore is unable to extend credit to individuals. We finance a minimum of $5,000.00 to qualifying businesses.