Since 2010, we have helped hundreds of businesses and built some remarkable relationships with our clients. Over the years we have provided a value to our clients that is second to none. Below are a few stories about some of the clients that we have helped.

A Small Construction Company Lands a Big Deal

When banks turned them away, this construction company came to Exponential Commercial Finance to seek out an alternative financing strategy for the purchase of four new dump trucks. In the construction industry today, many projects are fueled by small businesses that need working capital and equipment to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of new developments and construction opportunities. Our client came to us with a major challenge: He had an extremely low, personal credit score and could not get financing through other sources such as his bank or credit union. He also had several tax liens on his credit report. With our Collateral Heavy Equipment Financing program, we were able to use his free and clear equipment to secure $200,000 to acquire four dump trucks for a new contract he landed to earn more business.

A New Chiropractic Office In Dire Need of Equipment

Starting up a new healthcare practice can be quite challenging. Not only does the healthcare provider need to make investments in staff, marketing, or find an office space — but he also needed to consider what type of medical equipment they can acquire to get started. With just a matter of weeks before his new office opening, we helped this client secure $40,000 in used medical equipment with our Equipment Leasing program.

A Real Estate Investor Fix and Flips

Everyone knows that you have to act fast when investing in real estate. As soon as the property hit the market we issued a proof of funds letter for $250,000 to secure the property under contract. In a matter of 10 days were able to close on this property with our Fix and Flip Loan program. Our client was able to get the property and have money built into the loan to complete the rehab. When it was all said and done, our client sold this property for $375,000. He has since come back to us for every fix and flip deal that he needs funding for.

A Florist Ramps up for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this time of year is like Black Friday for a florist. After unsuccessfully trying to obtain a line of credit from her bank, she came to us seeking some quick working capital in order to ramp up inventory for Valentine’s Day. We were able to put $40,000 in her bank account in just 3 days with our Business Cash Advance program.

A Truck Driver that was Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

The life of a truck driver can be exciting but when you are doing all the driving and the owner of the truck is making all the money it can be frustrating. He had been driving for years only reaping minimum financial benefits. He came to us trying to learn his options about owning his own truck. We were able to get him $50,000 to purchase a 2015 Freightliner with our Semi-Truck and Trailer Financing Program.

A Small Oil & Gas Company Looking to Compete with the Big Boys

The Oil & Gas Industry is pretty competitive and is generally dominated by the big boys. Our client was an up and coming company that was just trying breakthrough in the game and found it to be extremely tough, especially when since they strapped for cash. We were able to provide $150,000 with our Accounts Receivable Financing program. The company’s growth was hindered due to them not being able to bid on new contracts because of their positive revenue being tied up in outstanding invoices. The financing we provided allowed them to confidently take on new business without the fear of a cash flow deficit.

Health and Fitness is a Way of Life for this Franchise

After being awarded a franchise of popular 24/7 fitness center, this client was in the phase in which she was looking to complete the buildout of the fitness center. The franchise required her to purchase the equipment and buildout from their vendors and of course, the vendors tried to set her up with their in-house financing. The problem with this is the vendor is the supplier and the financer which means they are looking to make money twice. We were able to get her approved with our SBA Loan program for $382,000 with a much lower down payment and a 10-year term which lowered her monthly payment significantly.